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We help you to design and realize circular ecosystems.

The Business Model Innovation Lab The Circular Navigator - Designing ecosystems and business models for the circular economy

We know that you are aware of the importance of sustainability - but implementing sustainable business ideas is hard!

Do you want to create beneficial solutions for your company, your customers, and our environment?

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The Circular Economy Pattern Cards
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  • 40 patterns behind successful circular solutions that you can use to generate your own ideas
  • 80 case studies of circular business models that help you to understand what works and what doesn't
  • One booklet describing the methodology and approach - enabling you to design your own ecosystem
  • Sustainably printed on grass paper with a reduced CO2-footprint and a nice feel

Circular Ecosystems
Business model innovation for the circular economy

Learn more about the Circular Navigator methodology developed with the University of St. Gallen in our free white paper.

An easy-to-navigate seven step process to design and implement sustainable circular ecosystems, including 40 circular ecosystem patterns that help you to come up with new and sustainable solutions, and tools such as the circular canvas that help you to design your circular ecosystem.

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The Circular Navigator Whitepaper - Business Model Innovation for the Circular Economy

Why is realizing the circular economy so hard?


The principles of the circular economy differ from most applied management principles and demand a holistic perspective.

A lack of understanding hinders or prevents progress, but spreading the knowledge is no easy task.


Often, circular solutions are not viable economically or fail to address people's desires. Without a clear path towards profitability and customer orientation these projects are merely seen as charity projects and do not get the strategic importance they deserve.


A single business model cannot achieve circularity, but several business models working together can.

Designing and setting up such a sustainable ecosystem is a complex task that involves many actors within and outside a company.

Business Model Pictogram Circular Ecosystem pictogram

The Circular Navigator

The methodology allows you to systematically design, create, and orchestrate a sustainable circular ecosystem that benefits you, your partners, your customers and the environment

A structured approach to design, create and orchestrate circular ecosystems and innovative business models

The Circular Navigator Process - 7 steps to creating an ecosystem to realize the circular economy

The 7 step structure and the detailed guidance help to keep the complexity of the circular economy manageable - so that you can focus on generating an innovative ecosystem and business models that work for you.

The circular ecosystem patterns spark your creativity for creating sustainable ecosystem solutions

38 Ecosystem Patterns to realize the Circular Economy

Based on our research, we developed a classificatory framework that categorises four types of patterns crucial to creating a circular ecosystem.

These patterns are designed to help you come up with new ideas that will be sustainable and circular while making sure that neither the customer side nor the monetisation of your idea are neglected.

Our holistic solution leaves the traditional boundaries of a firm and takes an ecosystem perspective, incorporating customers and partners

To create a solution, it is neccessary to think in ecosystems as nearly no company can create a complete material loop by themselves.

But to make this solution work, you need to make sure that everyone involved is incentivized to take part in that ecosystem. That's where business model innovation is key: by creating, testing, and implementing attractive and profitable business models for all players and your customers, you can ensure that your circular ecosystem succeeds.

To achieve this, we offer several solutions to help you overcome your specific challenges.

Do you want to learn how to create tangible solutions in two days ?
Join one of our open workshops


In open workshops you will work together with people form other industries. You will learn about and apply our methodology on a concrete case, designing an ecosystem and the respective business models.

The Circular Navigator - Open Workshops

Our offering

Our roundtables are the first step for you and your potential ecosystem partners to freely discuss a common ground with the option to quickly test ideas and potential partnerships.


In workshops and hackathons with your company (and your partners) we ideate, design and test a concrete ecosystems and acording business models quickly.


You want to initiate a project in your company (with your partners)? We help you through our structure and expertise to initiate, execute, test and implement CE innovation initiatives.



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About us

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PhD Candidate & Research Associate at the University of St.Gallen

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